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The Lockheed C-121 Constellation was a military transport version of the Lockheed Constellation.A total of 332 aircraft were constructed for both the United States Air Force and United States Navy for various purposes. Numerous AWACS versions were also constructed. The C-121 later saw service with smaller civilian operators until 1993.

Boeing’s small GEO satellite is based on the O3b mPower spacecraft it is building for SES’s medium-Earth-orbit constellation.

With Italy boosting Tempest’s credibility as a new partner, on display alongside the Tempest fighter full-scale mock-up were.

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Rigel marks Orion’s left foot. Another Arabic name for the constellation is il al-abbr, or "the foot of the great one." The star’s other two variant names, Algebar and Elgebar, are derived from this phrase. Rigel is a blue supergiant. It belongs to the spectral type B8lab and is 772.51 light years distant.

In late 1946, the model 49 was succeeded by the model 649 Constellation. Lockheed designated 149, 249, 349, 449 and 459 for new versions of the Constellation, but none of these variants were built. The model 649 was essentially a "beefed-up" 49, with strengthening in the internal wing structure, landing gear and many other improvements.

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There were a number of engine fires during the Constellation’s early development, but many airline pilots flew it for years without ever feathering an engine.) The Constellation was the first pressurized airliner. (The Boeing 307 Stratoliner in fact was.) The Constellation was the first tricycle-gear airliner. (The award goes to the Douglas.

Harris Speaks Candice Proctor, aka C.S. Harris and C.S. Graham, is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than a dozen novels including the Sebastian St. Cyr Regency mystery series written under the name C.S. Harris, the new C.S. Graham thriller series co-written with Steven Harris, and seven historical romances. She is also the author of a nonfiction.

Tesla said that it produced 77,100 vehicles during the period, including 62,950 Model 3 cars and 14,150 in combined units of the Model S and Model X variants. Shares of Constellation Brands were.

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